Sprinkler repair? 5 Signs That Can Tell You If You Have Leaks: Infographic

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Nothing worse than receiving a $500+ water bill and knowing that there is no way you used THAT much water. You first think it’s a mistake, and hope that when you call the water company they will agree with you. But then, they confirm what you internally suspected.. the bill is correct and you might have a water leak somewhere. It’s overwhelming to think about how many water pipes are inside your home and then trying to figure out where the leak is? What a nightmare!!

The following infographic will show you 5 things to look out for in a leaking system

Infographic: How to find leaks

If you have a sprinkler system that needs a repair you can contact us here. Otherwise, if you would like to DIY the repair, this post from American Home Shield can provide further details.

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