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Why You Need Professional Sprinkler Installation in Houston?

At Isidoro Sprinkler, we pay attention to our customer needs and ensure that our valuable customers get the best services. Your sprinkler system needs proper tuning and checking before trying to water any other part of your property. For the best sprinkler installation and repair in Houston, you should hire a professional with years of experience that carry out the work. One of the key features of our services, that set us apart from others, is our experienced technicians. They are trained to properly check the system and test it thoroughly to ensure that the sprinklers, valve zones, controller box, timer, & circuits are functioning properly.A complete checkup is performed by the professional team and after that, we will run it through several cycles to ensure its proper functioning. Our expert staff will ensure that your system is maintaining proper water pressure and all zones are performing well.

Our Process

The steps in our extensive inspection process are listed below:

1. Inspection of the irrigation system for any wet spots in
your lawn area.
2. Checking of the leaks around the spray heads and
rotors to get rid of leakage problems.
3. Checking and replacing the controller backup battery
according to the condition.
4. Straightening of the sprinkler heads that are bent or
laying over in the area.
5. Checking for any cracks or damage in the system.
6. Inspection of the system for any broken or cracked sprinkler heads or nozzles to eliminate the water leakage issues.
7. Cleaning and adjusting of all spray-sprinklers.
When providing  services  regarding sprinkler installation in Houston our team will test  spray patterns to ensure the best coverage

8. Cleaning and adjusting all rotor-type sprinklers along with the testing for total coverage to get rid of dry spots
9. Our competent team will check for wet spots, dry spots, & leaks. We ensure that all zones are working properly by checking every station.
10. We will identify all heads that need to be raised or lowered according to our customer needs.
11. Checking of water meter for leaks along with the checking of rain and freeze sensor for better function
12. Setting the controller for proper settings according to the weather conditions

La familia Isidoro han sido mi proovedor preferido
por mas de una decada, admiro su trabajo y dedicacion a la excelencia

Why Choose Us

We provide a proper inspection through skilled team members. They will analyze the problem and will come up with effective solutions to resolve the issues. Additionally, if needed, they can assist you with landscape drainage and landscaping services, making it your one stop landscaping company without having to work with different companies for similar services.

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