Top 7 Tips On Improving The Look Of Your Garden

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When you’re preparing to sell your house, your garden is the first thing prospective buyers notice, before they’ve even set foot inside the front door. So, it’s important to make a good first impression by improving the look of your garden, and you don’t need to be a green thumb to do it.

Here are the top 7 tips on improving the look of your garden, and increasing the value of your home:

Color Sells
Add a splash of color with in-season flowers. Bright, vibrant and eye-catching; adding some flowers to your garden is a quick, simple way to lift the look and feel.
Down With The Weeds
Wood chips improve the visual appeal of your garden, whilst also keeping pesky weeds at bay.
Pots-o’-Gold (Or Clay)
Purchase some pots that can be placed in entranceways and around the edge of your garden, with fresh soil and freshly potted but well-established plants to create a feature.
Entice Hunger
Create a herb garden. Edible gardens have instant appeal and are inexpensive to get started.
Trim, Trim and Trim
5. Give your garden some shape, by pruning and shaping bushes and shrubs. Get your hands on an edging tool and create crisp, sharp edges around your gardens to give them a neat and clean look.
Check fences and gates. These are often neglected as they’re purely functional but giving them a fresh coat of paint and replacing missing nails can instantly lift the look of your garden.
Out with the old. If you have plants that have lost their lustre and are bringing down your garden’s appeal, pull them out and replace them with succulent, healthy plants that will add new life to your garden.

Of course, don’t forget to mow the lawn and water your plants regularly to keep your garden looking its best, and make sure you repeat these tips in your new garden after your move. More importantly, save hours of your own time by installing an automated sprinkler system that will take care of your plants and lawn on schedule, every day, without you having to be nagged about it. Read more about the benefits of landscaping here.

This article was written in conjunction with Sydney removalist and storage provider Hire A Mover.

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