Sprinkler Maintenance in Freezing Temperatures

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Sprinkler Maintenance in Freezing Temperatures

Your sprinkler system helps keep your lawn looking its best through the year, making sure that your grass stays green, your garden stays watered, and your flowers look their best. But it also has to be maintained as temperatures drop for the winter. Have you given any thought to maintaining your irrigation system as freezing temperatures loom?

It’s important to consider having your lawn’s irrigation system professionally winterized as temperatures drop, to avoid serious damage to your equipment or your property. Without taking this step, you run the risk of the pipes leading to your sprinklers freezing and bursting, serious water leaks when they thaw, and lasting damage to your landscaping. The irrigation company that installed your system should be able to winterize it for you as cold weather approaches, so that you can keep your property safe and well-maintained through the changing seasons.

Prevent Damage to Your Irrigation System

As temperatures drop below freezing, it’s important to flush the lines of your lawn irrigation system. Otherwise you run the risk of them being filled with water before a hard freeze. As the frozen water expands, the pipes will burst, then as it thaws, cracked pipes will leak water underground, causing severe damage before you’re aware there’s an issue. An irrigation company can flush the system, then shut it down and turn off your sprinklers automatic clocks. This means that your sprinklers will not run throughout the winter, preventing damage from occurring.

When Should You Schedule Your Appointment

As temperatures begin to drop seasonally, contact us to schedule an appointment to winterize your irrigation system. Call us in the fall to schedule a late fall to early winter appointment, as these appointments book up fast. Then we can visit you as temperatures drop, making sure that your property is prepared for the changing of the seasons.

Prepare Your System for Winter

If you have an irrigation system installed for your lawn or garden, it’s vital that you have it professionally maintained before the temperatures drop. Otherwise, you could wind up with serious property damage. If you’d like to avoid replacing grass, fixing your garden beds, or replacing flowers, as well as repairing your irrigation system, it’s important that you have your irrigation system serviced before cold weather sets in.

When temperatures begin to drop, reach out to our skilled professionals. We’ll visit your property and provide you with an estimate to winterize your entire sprinkler system. This process will prevent damage to your irrigation system and your property, helping you to prepare for the impending cold weather. Don’t wait until it’s too cold to do anything about it – instead, contact us today to learn more about the winterization services that we can offer you.

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