Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Landscaping Drainage

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Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Landscaping Drainage

Maintaining lush landscaping requires homeowners to make smart decisions about their yard. They need to choose the right plants for their soil type, appropriate fertilizer, set the sprinklers, and more. Something that often gets overlooked is the landscaping drainage on the property. Allowing Isidoro Sprinklers to handle your landscaping drainage is ensures you get the best results for your lawn and limit your environmental impact. Here are some of the reasons why it’s crucial to inspect your landscaping drainage. 

Ensure All Plants Recieve The Correct Amount of Water

To protect the plants used in your landscaping, it’s vital to ensure that everything gets the right amount of water. You can have sprinkler systems installed that are adjusted to provide plants with the water they need. Poor landscaping drainage can make it harder to deliver the right amount of water to a plant because the water pools in some places and runs off of others. Plants in low-lying areas can find themselves deluged with water. And uneven watering can lead to differences in your grass depending on its location in your yard.

Prevent Fertilizer Runoff

Improper drainage can lead to a situation where the flow of water flushes fertilizers into the water supply. Besides wasting the money a homeowner spent on fertilizer, allowing poor drainage to cause fertilizer runoff has a negative impact on the environment. When fertilizers are able to reach rivers and lakes, they can cause eutrophication, which results in excess algae growth and oxygen depletion in bodies of water. Similarly, methemoglobinemia is caused by too much nitrate-nitrogen in the drinking water. Every homeowner that uses fertilizer in their landscaping needs to check their drainage to ensure they aren’t causing unnecessary damage to the local environment.

Soil Characteristics Preservation

Fertilizer isn’t the only thing that can be carried away by excess water. A lawn’s topsoil has nutrients that plants use to grow. The characteristics of the soil can also be eroded by waster when a lawn has improper landscaping drainage. This erosion can hurt your plants since the soil’s characteristics were considered when deciding which plants to use in the landscaping. Dealing with landscaping drainage issues is a vital part of soil characteristics preservation.

Homeowners have many good reasons to have their landscaping drainage inspected. Allowing water to flow in an uneven way across the property can damage the look of landscaping as well as lead to environmental damage. Isidoro Sprinkler can help property owners in the Houston area deal with issues related to landscaping drainage. If you need help with sprinkler installation and repair, landscaping, or drainage issues, Isidoro Sprinkler is here to help. Send us a message online to schedule an appointment to get an estimate.

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