1. How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system?
The average price for a complete lawn sprinkler system installation including permits, labor and materials (PVC pipe, control valves, sprinkler heads, backflow preventer, controller, wire and fittings) will vary depending on the area per the following table:

Size/Area (Sqft)Price ($/sqft)
0 – 5,000.55
5,000 – 10,000.47

E.g. If your lawn is 3,500 sqft. The entire sprinkler installation price will cost approximately $1,920. Our technicians will measure the area when performing the free estimate visit.

2. How do you tap a water line for a sprinkler system?
Tapping into the water supply is an important part of the installation. It is highly recommended to hire professional installers for the job since tapping into the wrong line, or not doing it properly can affect the regular water supply to your home. Our technicians at Isidoro Sprinklers are certified and have over 35 years of experience combined.
For most of our installations, we will tap the main water line going to the house normally located at one of the sides. For this we close the main valve located at the front of the house, bleed the water pressure into a bucket and connect our 1” main lined to a “Tee”’ fitting with a “main valve” that allows water to split to the house and the sprinkler system. This process normally takes about 5 – 10 minutes in which the water to the house will be turned off.

3. How deep do sprinkler lines need to be buried?
The trenches required for the system are shallow. The lines can be buried between 6 to 12 inches depending on the freeze cycles and frost severity in the area (since we live in Houston, it will be closer to 6 inches). Trenches should be deep enough to allow pop up head sprinklers to retract underground where a lawn mower can pass right over them.

4. Will the sprinkler system affect the water pressure inside my house?
Short Answer: No
Long Answer: Sprinkler systems are designed by zones specifically for this purpose. The controller and valves will allow water to flow to ONLY one zone at time to maintain water pressure. Normally water pressure at a residential property can range between 40 – 50 psi. Our technicians at Isidoro Sprinklers can supply a pressure gauge upon request to test water pressure while the system is running to ensure it does not decrease significantly on the rest of the system.

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