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Houston Sprinkler Installation

After an initial free estimate is performed, our technicians will divide the area into zones and will have a proposal for you within minutes. Installation time will depend on the size and complexity of the system. Residential property installation time is only one day for a fully functional system. This includes digging the trenches, installing all system components, running wiring for controller, installing controller box in garage (or where desired), and leaving the yard in the same or better condition than how it was found.

sprinkler installation in Houston

Our certified technicians will walk you through the entire process and will answer any questions. It is not required for you to be home for most of the process and our technicians are flexible and will work with you and your schedule if they need to access the garage. They will also remind you to call 811 before digging, so that the yard is marked before starting work so no other underground lines are affected.

We primarily service Houston and its surrounding areas, but we will be happy to discuss options and work with you if your project is outside this area.

Sprinkler System

Our sprinkler installations include all components for a fully functional, programmable and customizable system. The main components are as follows:

1) Controller: usually mounted in the garage and it is the brain of the system, it tells the valves to open orĀ  close which turns the sprinklers on or off

2) Valves: each valve controls a group of sprinklers normally called a “Zone”. The size and shape of the layout determines the number of zones. When the controller sends a signal for a valve to open, it will allow water to flow to the sprinkler heads and start the process

3) Back flow device: Allows water to flow only in one direction and not the other way around. EVERY SPRINKLER SYSTEM MUST HAVE THIS DEVICE INSTALLED!

4) Sprinkler heads: these are the nozzles designed to spray the yard. They usually work based on water pressure and can have different configurations depending on the application. If a sprinkler head is installed in a corner, it would be designed to only spray from the corner out (90 degrees), but if it is installed in the center of the yard, it could spray all around to maximize the covered area (360 degrees). These heads are specifically designed to not be visible when the system is not operating

5) Underground Piping: piping installed underneath the surface to allow water to flow to the different zones. Just like the head, the piping will not be visible

These are general definitions of an irrigation system, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask our certified technicians and they will be happy to answer and work with you on any specific need.

sprinkler repair in Houston

Houston Sprinkler Repair

When it comes to sprinkler system repair and maintenance in Houston you can count on our specialized technicians. Just like installations, our technicians will perform a free diagnosis visit to understand the scope of the problem and will work with you to provide solutions.

We primarily service Houston and its surrounding areas, but we will be happy to discuss options and work with you if your project is outside this area.

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