ISIDORO SPRINKLER warrants MATERIALS installed for a period of TWO YEARS from the date of installation. LABOR to repair or replace the components of the sprinkler system is covered for a period of ONE year from installation. This warranty includes all system components installed by ISIDORO SPRINKLER, including the controller, valves, sprinkler heads, pipe, and backflow device. The warranty includes only defects in materials or workmanship and expressly excludes improper usage of the system, damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, any other natural phenomena, or damage by any other cause. Any modification or repair of the system by any company other than ISIDORO SPRINKLER voids this warranty. This warranty expressly excludes (1) the cost of testing the backflow device as may be required by water providers after the initial inspection at installation (2) clogging of system components due to debris in the water supply. 

ISIDORO SPRINKLER warrants for a period of ONE YEAR, that all lawn or planter bed areas detailed or specified in the original proposal will be properly irrigated according to industry standards in effect at the time of installation. Changes to beds or changes due to plant growth are not warranted. 

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). MC-178, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087. TCEQ’s website is: www.tceq.texas.gov

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